Serum, A Must Have In Your Skin Care Regime

Face serum is a top pick in the skincare line by the pros these days and why not?  Yes, We Love it too. There is no reason to say “NO”. We aren’t boasting but serums do boost your skincare game.  This is the time to ditch your skin rituals that do not have serums in them. Wondering Why & How? Here is all you must know about serums.

What is a Face Serum?

The serum is a skincare product that is a powerhouse of active ingredients working holistically on the skin microbiome while taking care of most of your skincare concerns like dullness, wrinkles, etc. Serums are lighter and hence the active ingredients are absorbed quickly and deeply into the skin.

Difference between Serum and Moisturizer

First thing first. The serum doesn’t replace the moisturizer and both hold different purposes in your skincare. Ideally, serums are thinner than moisturizers and used effectively to work on different skin problems. Serums are also used to boost hydrating effects while moisturizer is applied over it to lock the moisture and prevent water loss. As serums penetrate deep into the skin they are used directly on the skin for best results.

How will you benefit from the serum?

It plays a vital role in reducing the effects of UV exposure and treating dull skin. It can effectively minimize the appearance of dark spots leaving your skin new and radiant.

A serum used religiously gives out-standing results by reducing wrinkles and giving you replenished skin with visibly reduced fine lines.

Serums brighten the skin adding the lost radiance back to your skin. It combat dull skin making it youthful and fresh

As our skin ages, it loses volume with moisture which makes you look older. Some serum works specifically to retain the moisture and replenish volume.

There are serums that take care of your acne-prone skin. Basically, there are different serums available targeting different skin problems. You can decide base on what your skin needs.

Usually, serums are formulated with active ingredient called Hyaluronic acid which helps in hydrating the skin from within.

Who should use face serum?

Due to the high concentration of active ingredients, Serums give fast and visible results compared to other skincare products. There are different serums targeting different skin problems like acne-prone, wrinkles, dark spots, etc. It also helps get your radiance back. So, anyone who desires blemish-free, beautiful skin with a product that is light and easy on the skin can use face serum.

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How to use face serum?

It’s a three-step process that you must follow for the best results. Use a good cleanser that will remove any dirt on your skin. Now, comes the serum. It is best applied on the bare face as it is absorbed quickly and lets the potent ingredients work quickly. They are not meant to replace moisturizers but they can boost the hydration of your skin. Apply moisturizer after serum which can make all the difference.

We call it Cleasemo

  1. Cleanse
  2. Apply Serum
  3. Moisturize.

Some serums are for the day and others for nighttime. You can use any as per your comfort. If not yet, make room for the serum in your skincare routine today. The only thing to care about is picking your serum wisely which can give you desired results.

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